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How to improve your English if you have little free time?

1. Always read in transport
While in a bus or metro on your way to work, read something in English. It can be world news, make up tips, interviews with celebrities etc. We all want some entertainment in transport, so why not use this as an opportunity?

2. Watch YouTube while cooking
If you are a mom or a housewife, you know how much time you usually spend in the kitchen. Seems like it schould be a problem, but again let's regard it as an opportunity.

Simply make sure that every time you cook, you have a laptop with a YouTube video in English playing in the background. Your memory will catch some words and expressions.

3. Study English during your workouts
Walking on a treadmill or doing cycle can be very boring if during that you simply have to stare at the wall. That's why a lot of people use the time of their workout to study.

You can do the same!) Make sure you have a tablet or a smartphone with some films and shows in English. Watch them while working on your body! It's a way to combine both mental and physical work.

4. Listen to audiobooks
While cleaning the house, travelling in an intercity train or standing in a traffic jam, always listen to audiobooks in English. Choose something that you really enjoy. Thus you will avoid being bored and definitely improve your English!

5. MAKE time for your studies
Even if its 40 minutes a day 2 times a week, it is necessary to find time for what is really important for you. Find a good teacher and study English instead of laying on the couch or drinking in a bar =))) We always say that we have no time for things we simply don't wanna do. Think about it)) 

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