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✔ ENROL ON - to SIGN UP FOR / to apply for a course.
- I enrolled on a very interesting course: Bus Stop Construction. 

✔ KICK OUT - to be expelled: to throw someone out of school/boot someone out. (informal) 
John was kicked out of school because he was useless and smelly. 

✔ DROP OUT - when you quit yourself.
- Haven’t you heard, John dropped out of University because he wasn't allowed to study physics and instead was studying the History of Mongolian Basket Weaving. 

✔ PUT OFF - to postpone/to procrastinate.
- We shouldn’t put off studying any longer! Open that book on the History of Mongolian... 

✔ GO OVER - to revise/to check.
- I think I should go over the notes I made during the lecture. I wish I could read my own writing. 

✔ FALL BEHIND - to make less progress than people doing the same task. 
Opp: keep up with someone. 
- If you don’t study hard enough, you’ll probably fall behind the rest of the group and we'll laugh at you. 

✔ STUDY UNDER - to be taught by someone. 
- I once studied under Professor Richard Dawkins and my mum at university. 

✔ MAKE UP - to have another chance: very US English.
- Since Pavlik was absent, he had to make up the test the following week. 

✔ CATCH UP (on) - to bring something to completion because you were behind for some reason.
- I was off ill for two months and I have to catch up on all the lectures I have missed on the Anatomy of South American Hamsters! 

✔ READ UP ON - to spend time reading about something to get information.
- If you missed last week's lecture on Hamster Migration, I suggest you go to the library and read up on it because I won't repeat the lecture ever.

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