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1) ALSO usually goes with your main verb:

• I can also swim (Not: Also i can swim)

• I am also a normal person (Not: Also I am a normal person)

• She also drank Domestos the other day (Not: Also she drank)


2) ALSO can come at the front of the sentence if you are giving extra information which is quite important to the previous sentence. If the information is a simple addition, also will not go at the front:

• "So you have your clothes, bathroom stuff, pants and socks packed. Ah, also, don't forget to pack some Imodium since you'll be in China."

• I am sorry about taking your wife, cat and car. Also, i forgot to mention that i have taken your house too... and kidneys!

(simple additional information)

• I like dogs. I also like cats.

• I drink Cola and i also drink Domestos. (same things really)

• Peter smells and he also looks like a horse.

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