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Excuse me, please…
• I’m looking for…

• Can you tell me where … is, please?

• Do you know where … is, please?

II’m lost/I’ve lost my way/I have no idea where to go…
• Take the first/second/third… street on the left/right (or) It’s the first/second…

• Continue down this street

• Go straight on

• Keep going

• Go down this street

✅ Examples:

- Excuse me please, I’m lost. Can you tell me where the strip club is? 
- Sure, continue down this street. Go over the roundabout and then take the second street on the left. Keep going and you’ll find the strip club on the right hand side opposite McDonald's.

AAT the roundabout / traffic lights / junction…
• Go left/right/straight on

• Take the first/second/third … exit.

• Go over the roundabout/traffic lights/junction = continue ahead

• Turn left/turn right

✅ Examples:

-Excuse me please, do you know where the park is? 
- If I am not mistaken, turn left at the roundabout and then continue down the street. On the right hand side you will a bank and dance club. The entrance to the park is between them.

OOpposite/next to/after/between/on the corner/near…
• The school is on the left/right (hand side)

• Go around the left/right hand corner

• Follow the street until the end.

✅ Examples:

- Excuse me, please. I’m looking for the toilets. 
- Sorry, can’t help you and I don’t want to. (Person from London)

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