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Summer Holidays are just round the corner. After an eventful year the summer holidays are a ray of hope for the ones who would want to achieve more and for those who would want to make the ensuing year better than the year before. While most of the students are excited and enthusiastic about the summer vacations many seem to be confused and seem to have no idea regarding the ways to spend their vacations. 

I have been a student and I know how it feels to be staring at the long summer breaks. The feeling of spending the holidays is just inexplicably delightful. You suddenly want to free yourself from the chains and break free. You are not certain what has overtaken you but you feel lighter all of a sudden. Apart from missing your school friends, there is nothing that can hinder you from welcoming the days of relaxation and laziness. 

The old formula 
There was a time when students and young children used to visit their grandparents during their vacations. They looked forward so much to this meeting that they could think and talk about nothing but the laid back life of the rural areas. Although this is changing in the present times, as many grandparents to have shifted to the cities, there are still some who are lucky enough to have their grandparents living in the villages. The spending of the holidays in the ancestral villages with relatives amongst village friends, in the local ponds and streams, under the mango groves and wide open fields is more than anything anyone can ever ask for in these modern times of video games, internet, and social networking. 

While not everybody can go to their ancestral villages here are some of the things one can do during the summer vacations. 

You may be destined to be an artist 
Schools exert a lot of pressure on students to study and study and nothing else. So much so that the aspiring artists or students with genuine talent for art are made to suffer by suffocating their talent. Summer holidays give these students an opportunity to hone their talents and pursue something which their heart truly desires. Each student can follow his own passion be it is music, painting, candle-making, woodwork, pottery, designing or dramatics. You can look for any clubs that match your hobby to join them. 

Better yourself 
Nobody is perfect which means that you are not perfect in every way too. Some of you cannot speak English with the required fluency which gives you a perfect reason to work towards improving your conversational skills. Read books and buy DVDs that teach or show ways to improve English. Attend workshops to develop leadership skills and enhance personality development. Work with an NGO to help the poor and the needy. 

Learn a new language 
Learning a new language can also be one of the best options to go for during summer vacations. Some of the European languages that have a huge demand and offer job prospects are French, Spanish and German. A huge number of institutes in cities offer courses which are for short terms as well as long terms. When it comes to Asia Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages are deemed to be more profitable and most sought after. If one is a nationalist he could opt to learn any of the Indian languages that he feels would enhance his prospects in life. 

Widen your horizon through books 
Books are the best friends of human beings. They will never leave you for others, they will never throw tantrums, books will always be there by your side and you will never have to think about making them happy for no reason at all. Books help you to visit places you have never been to or will ever have the time or money to visit. They can transport you to the ancient times of fables and myths. Reading books also makes one knowledgeable about various aspects of life. Some of you might be interested in history and peruse all the books related to history. One even has the time to go through the encyclopedias to show-off in school. The world is flooded with books and magazines of all kinds and pertaining to every subject in the world. From the mundane to celestial things, everything is written on paper. The world of internet has also brought e-books into the disposal of avid readers. 

Play as much as you can 
There are some who hate to read or go for any classes after a grueling academic year. They just have to spend their summer vacations anywhere but in a classroom. They can spend their time playing any sport which appeals to them or in which they think that they can practice and become proficient. Football, the most popular sport in the world is what one can play and hone his footballing skills. There are many other disciplines one can opt for and join a club for the same. You don't have to be an expert of a professional to play any game. If you love the sport, just join and play. One can also go for expeditions to mountains, rivers, and valleys. 

Make that extra buck 
Some of you might just want to make some money to buy that favorite guitar of yours or buy the music collection of your favorite singer. Join a fast food restaurant as a part-time worker. If there is a profession which you would want to make your career in then you could join that organization and offer your services at a nominal price. One could also work as a salesman for a company or a local factory. It is also beneficial to work at an art house or any exhibition. 

While there are many things one could do or follow in the summer holidays, there are and will always be some who will do nothing but just while away the holidays having real fun. They try to live life to the fullest by catching up with friends and going to movies in gangs to catch all the blockbusters that have been missed. It is also advisable to meet the relatives in and around the town during the holidays as there is not enough time for students to meet their relatives during the school days. Spending quality time at home with family, listening to your favorite music and eating home-made delicacies is also a good option for those who love to stay indoors to escape the hot sun of the summers.

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