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✅ PECKISH (inf: a little bit hungry)

- There was no food in the fridge and I was feeling a bit peckish so I ate the cat.

✅ FAMISHED (inf: very hungry - from famine)

- Well, I've just walked 500km and I'm feeling famished. What's for dinner?

✅ GASPING (inf: very thirsty. From: to gasp for air)

- It's so hot today and I'm gasping. Seriously. Even a cold glass of Domestos would do!

✅ KNACKERED (inf: very tired/exhausted)

- Oh baby, I really don't want to meet your friends tonight. I'm knackered after working all day. And your friends are mental!

✅ CAN'T BE ARSED (slang: can't be bothered)

- I seriously can't be arsed to go into work today. Let's stay at home and watch kittens and puppies on Youtube instead.

✅ TO DO SOMEONE'S HEAD IN (inf: to cause stress/difficulty)

- All this grammar homework is doing my head in! Really! I know's it's A1 level but still! And your mum does my head in too!

✅ TO MEAN WELL (semi-formal: have the best intentions but fail)

- Let's not invite John to the wedding. He's a nice guy and means well but I know for sure he'll mess things up! - But you're supposed to be marrying him!!!

✅ BAKING (inf: very hot)

- It's baking outside today so wear as little as possible, grandma!

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