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We all know the word "EXCURSION" but did you know that natives (at least in Britain) tend to use this word less than say: TRIP or OUTING?

- There's a school outing next week to the local zoo; or its other name, Scotland. 
- We're planning to have a family outing to the Beer Museum, 
- There's a school trip tomorrow to Wales. Good luck then! 
- Fancy a trip to Legoland to break all the exhibits to annoy people?

Natives do, of course, use "EXCURSION" in the above examples but they often use it mostly on holiday when going somewhere for the day to see something boring (or interesting maybe). 
But I remember from my school days we never used it. It was always "School TRIP to...." I have rarely heard a learner use: OUTING or TRIP. 
So, sound more like a native!

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