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A list of the most common mistakes Russians make when speaking English.

1. I feel myself happy - no reflexive here in English. If you feel yourself, then you are performing a self-examination to check all your body parts are still there... in a happy way. 

2. Do a mistake - nope, it's - make a mistake. 

3. 'What' as a relative pronoun (I know a dog what can fly - which, not what). We only use 'what' to mean "the thing/things which" - I don't like what (the things which) you said to me. 

4. Not using question tags... the weather is nice, isn't it? Often I hear - the weather is nice, yessss? (I find this sweet anyway) 

5 'Advices' - nooooooooooo! It is advice. The countable form does, in fact, exist in a very specific legal context but for 99.9999999% of the time, it is uncountable. Like knowledge, information, furniture and millions of others.

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