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AFFECTION is the positive feeling you may have or express for other people or things. The term is popularly used to denote a feeling, amounting to more than goodwill or friendship. It conveys love and social connection.

"I have great affection for her, but she never shows any affection towards me."

Most often, it's a physical way of showing just how much you love someone. A fondness that consumes you, it can be communicated by looks, words and gestures. Wanting to touch, tickle, kiss, hug, hold, etc.

"She gave her only kid a lot of love and affection."

A mom hugging her child, a cat cuddling with his owner and a husband bringing flowers for his wife, your granny pinching your cheek, and you rubbing your dog's belly are all examples of affection. 

PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION is a physical act of intimacy between a romantic couple done in the view of others. 

"I don't mind PDAs in general, but teenagers take it way too far."

AFFECTIONATE words and actions show love, liking, or compassion. Kissing on the cheek, holding hands, and hugging are all affectionate. Being affectionate is being warm, tender, and loving. 

"A hug is an affectionate gesture."

Parents and children, brothers and sisters — they can all be affectionate to each other. It's hard to fake being affectionate, so we tend to be affectionate to people we genuinely like.

"She was really affectionate—always free with kisses and hugs."

The plural form is used to describe your emotions and feelings. Your affections are your feelings of love or fondness for someone. 

"Affections are like slippers; they will wear out." [Edgar Saltus]

Not everybody is good at showing affection to their loved ones, like old-school dads or tough guys in action movies. 

"He did not know how to show his affection." 

If people don't get enough affection, they crave it, and will go to great lengths to get it. You might say that affection is what Luke wanted from Darth Vader all along, in Star Wars.

"She thought of him with affection."

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