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Hi my friends 😊 Loads of students have asked me what the following mean:
❗When I'm out clubbing, I do ask the odd girl for her phone number!
❗Yeah, I like to go to the odd pub! 

We know ODD can mean: weird/strange or numbers like: 1,3,5,7 etc, or you can wear odd socks (not the same ones), a person can seem odd (out of character). What are the odds of people understanding this post? (the chances) but... 

...THE ODD...(happening or occurring infrequently and irregularly; occasionally)
👉🏻 She does the odd bit of cleaning around the house but nothing major (Not often therefore does little)
👉🏻 You get the odd person who's rude to you but they're generally quite helpful (It happens sometimes but not often)
👉🏻 I go swimming on the odd weekend if I feel like it. (On some weekends but not many of them)
👉🏻 I like to have the odd beer when I'm out with friends. (So i don't drink much because I rarely drink)

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