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Don’t say ‘hurt the environment’. Say harm the environment or damage the environment.

More useful vocabulary:

✔ be good/bad for the environment 
● Plastic bags are bad for the environment. 

✔ be harmful to the environment 
● Emissions from cars are harmful to the environment. 

✔ conservation of the environment 
● There are many organizations dedicated to conservation of the environment. 

✔ conserve the environment - formal (=protect it and prevent it from changing or being damaged) 
● People need to live in harmony with nature and conserve the environment.

✔ the destruction of the environment 
● Logging has led to the destruction of the natural environment. 

✔ pollution of the environment 
● The waste material must be stored safely to avoid pollution of the environment. 

✔clean up the environment 
● It’s about time that we started cleaning up the environment.

✔ the effect/impact on the environment 
● The building’s design will minimize its impact on the environment.

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