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Everyone is into some area of interest whether it's singing, music, film-making, fitness, healthy food, etc. And if you also learn a language than you can hit a good combination which is learning the language through studying more of your hobby in this language and conversely studying more of your hobby in this language to master the latter. 

Another benefit for that is that you're going to come across a lot of topical words and phrases which means that the same words repeat themselves many times. As s result, it makes it easier to remember them because you have to see and hear them a lot and also use them a lot in your writing and speech. 

Of course, I don't encourage you to only be focused on just one single area when learning a language. It might be an excess unless you only need this language for only a certain area. 

What I encourage you to do is to just lean towards one or a few interests when learning a language. Which might sound too obvious, mightn't it? Yet, When I started my language journey only later would I realise that you can couple English with your other hobby or hobbies. 

Of course, it can depend on your current level and the topic. Some topics are more complicated than others. If you're of a lower-intermediate level than you might not have enough solid and basic knowledge yet to immerse yourself in too complicated topics, like quantum mechanics and such. But some topics might definitely be approachable for you. 

For example, I can study some more specific topics in Polish, I have about an Intermediate level in it, but in Spanish, I'm a beginner. I cannot get myself immersed in any particular topic. 

Here's a list of topics that I'm passionate about studying in English have learnt about a lot over a few years. 

-Health/Healthy food/Fitness 

And if you happen to also be interested in those topics and need some help, like, you want to boost your topical vocabulary and have some speaking practice, have your writings checked, have some confusing grammar points cleared up and practise, and also be able to understand topical materials better when listening, feel free to contact me. 

How the course will look like in brief: 
1)You choose natural English materials from a big list of topical sources. For example, Ted Talks, BBC, Youtube vloggers, Luke's English Podcast, etc. 1 topic for 1 lesson. The course lasts 3 months. Hence 12 topics for once a week or 24 topics for twice a week. 

2)You study each topic before the lesson: listen to it, make notes, write and/or record your opinions and impressions about it using topical vocabulary you have learnt from the topic. 

3)And during the lesson you talk about it, get feedback and get directed. 

The main idea of the course is to help you reach autonomy. that is, become an independent language learner. So that you are able to continue mastering the language completely by yourself and don't need a tutor anymore. 

As to language learning strategy, we stick to the following one: the more a language is learnt naturally, the better. 

If this is something that resonates with you, feel free to contact me.

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