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Hello Bratans and Sistras! A student asked me the other day if there is a difference between IN AGES and FOR AGES. The answer is: yes and no 😕

In the expression "I haven't seen you..." both IN AGES and FOR AGES are fine and mean exactly the same thing. (In ages = in a long time). Other examples where either one can be used:
👉🏻I haven't tried swimming in ages/for ages
👉🏻You haven't written in ages/for ages
👉🏻I haven't sacrificed a hamster in ages/for ages

In the above examples, I can swap IN AGES easily for IN A LONG TIME

BUT in the following examples, I can only use FOR AGES
👉🏻I have lived here for ages
👉🏻We've been waiting here for ages
👉🏻You've been on the toilet for ages, hurry up!

So generally speaking, IN AGES is used with a negation and is never used in an affirmative statement. Compare:
- I have been here for ages! (been here for a long time)
- I haven't been here in ages/for ages (maybe: haven't visited/stayed)

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