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It seems I struck a chord with my posts about my experiences in Russia, this country which I so truly love and everything about it!!! (Except Kvas - you can all keep that for yourselves! And why drown a salad in it???)

I have a million things to write about: many points I haven't even shared on social media. I actually wrote a book before but never published it because after reading it sometime later, it seemed too primitive. Having spent almost 13 years here, I think it's the right time to share my experiences and opinions as there would be a high degree of maturity and better understanding of the people and country around me. 

❗But I need your help ❗

I am not sure about the format of the book. I would love to know what you think and would prefer. So here are the options:

👉🏻 1) A kind of diary where each chapter deals with a particular theme (this gives scope for a second book). So I could have chapter 1- At Russian airports 2- Kefir 3- In Russian restaurants you can always count the number of chips you have on your plate etc etc etc. This would be easier and more my style as I could include more sarcasm and humour.

👉🏻 2) A kind of story like a humourous adventure novel where life about Russia is subtly included into the main text. Example: I was standing nervously on the metro, gripping the handle rail tightly knowing I was probably contracting Hepatitis, Ebola and Swine Flu, but I would not be the one to move away from the guy whose armpit was in my face. I had to dominate, stand my ground even at the risk of contracting a serious disease from holding the rails! Personal space is everything for an Englishman!

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