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🇬🇧💋 KISS - Most Common Synonyms (British English) 💋🇬🇧

to SNOG (a snog: very informal gopnik word) 
- Yeah, i snogged some girl down the pub last night. But she was hairy with four legs... 
- Fancy a snog.... your Majesty? 

to PULL SOMEONE (to kiss someone; very informal) 
- I pulled some sexy lady last night but i had drunk 10 pints... was she a lady? 

to GO ON THE PULL (to go to a bar with the intention of finding someone to kiss; very informal) 
- Fancy going on the pull tonight? I am feeling lonely. Besides, my internet has stopped working. 

to GET OFF WITH SOMEONE (to kiss passionately; very informal) 
- I got off with 10 girls last night. I know none of you were there to see, but just believe me, ok? 

to GIVE SOMEONE A PECK (a small quick kiss; informal) 
- Ok, i am not allowed to snog you, but can i give you a peck on the cheek? 

to PLANT A KISS ON (to kiss strongly; standard) 
- Without knowing Jane planted a kiss on my forehead... then my hair fell out(( 

a FRENCH KISS (a passionate kiss; standard) 
- I want to have a French kiss. If you could sign this agreement, that would be great. Thanks! 

a FRENCHIE (passionate kiss; very informal) 
- I had my first Frenchie when i was 23. 

to PLAY TONSIL TENNIS (slang expression for kissing passionately) 
- I hate waiting at bus stops where the local chavs (gopniki) play tonsil tennis. God, i hate having to watch! 

You might know these but they are more US English............................. 

to MAKE OUT (to kiss passionately; informal) 
- I made out with a German girl called Jens. 

a SMOOCH (a kiss or passionate kiss) 
- Look at John and Sarah smooching on the sofa. My parents can really embarrass me at times!!!!

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