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Study the phrases and words below plus the examples. We natives use these quite often but you will rarely find them in EFL sources. Master these little gems and sound more native 😎

👉TO REFUSE SME/SMTH OUTRIGHT (to refuse without reservation)
- A tramp applied for a job in my school but I refused him outright since he didn't possess a DELTA!
- I asked Sarah on a date and she refused me outright! She didn't even let me explain myself!

👉OUTRIGHT (adv/adj) (Without reservation, delay, straight-out)
- You said you didn't cheat on me! That's an outright lie! Why is John using my shower then right now?
- When John came out of the bathroom, I killed him outright!
- I asked Sarah outright for a divorce!

👉TO REFUSE POINT BLANK (say smth very directly/rudely without apologizing)
- I asked Sarah to kiss me but the refused point blank! I can't do anything about my leprosy! 
- I applied for a job as a pilot and was refused point blank! This is discrimination against blind people!

👉TO BE DEAD SET AGAINST SOMETHING (completely opposed to)
- My friend John was dead set against me dating Sarah... as he was already married to her!
- I am dead set against the government introducing stricter tax laws since I don't like to pay any! 

👉TO PLAY HAVOC WITH (to make a situation much worse)
- Those drunken gardeners are playing havoc with my lawn!
- Drinking Domestos will play havoc with your stomach! Trust me!

👉TO PLAY MERRY HELL WITH (to cause trouble for sme/smth)
- That grilled hamster is playing merry hell with my stomach. I shouldn't have eaten it rare!
- Ahhh, I wish I didn't have any hair! The wind is playing merry hell with it!

👉DOWNRIGHT (adj/adv) (Completely but negative)
- That was downright rude!
- Your behaviour, mum, was a downright disgrace!!

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