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Hello my dear friends. Answer the following questions in your head:
👉🏻 How is it that some teachers can walk into a classroom without saying a word and the students are sitting ready and waiting enthusiastically whereas some teachers have to go through an arsenal of tactics to command attention and respect?
👉🏻 Some language schools (even in Moscow) pay teachers 300 rubles an hour. Why do some teachers value themselves at that low level of salary despite having numerous qualifications?
👉🏻 Those teachers who claim "It's the sector: 300 rubles is the standard, what can be done about it? That's the way it is!" - Is that a realistic opinion or a defeatist excuse?
👉🏻 Do you know of any colleagues or acquaintances who are not particularly competent teachers but are able to charge ripoff prices for lessons and students are willing to pay?
👉🏻 Confidence and Charisma: are we born with those traits or can they be learned? (Are babies born confident, corrupt, self-aware, amazing at drawing etc?) 

My friends, would you believe me if I told you that when I started my teaching career, I wanted to curl up into a corner at the end of every working day never wanting to teach again whilst crying? 😀 Would you believe me that for the first few years as a teacher I was rather introverted and some kids destroyed me (or tried to) as a result?😀 Yep, it's true! But a lot has changed over the years, thank god! Many teachers have asked me how I control my students and maintain good classroom management. My answer was for some time, "Honestly, I don't know!" But after painstaking research, feedback, studying literature, talking to teachers I understood that what has helped me more than my qualifications has been CONFIDENCE and CHARISMA which I had to develop. Suddenly, everything became so much easier (outside the classroom too).

❗ You can have all the teaching qualifications in the world but if you are not confident and possess some charisma, you wouldn't perhaps get as far as you would like in the profession (and even your personal life to some extent)❗

And here we are! You can even see in the picture below just some of the books I brought back with me from England to study and help put my new seminars/webinars together. I have soooooooo many!!! 😐🔫 And thus my motivation for this arose from the following:
👉🏻 An alarmingly high number of fresh teachers give up.
👉🏻 Some just accept such a low salary and language schools/private students are happy to pay peanuts as a result. (Yet teachers moan and do nothing)
👉🏻 So many teachers fall victim to burnout and occasional failures and it can destroy their self-belief i.e. they don't have the tools to deal with those issues.
👉🏻 The teaching sector is now getting so saturated that competition is fierce! So many teachers have said: my students love me and would never leave me! If a really competent and charismatic teacher came along, sadly, you could end up saying goodbye to your "loyal" students. I have seen it happen many times!
👉🏻 Ultimately a love for everything about Russia and I really feel I "want to do my bit" by giving something back to the country which made me.

This is in no way a crusade or me trying to get money from vulnerable people. I have realized by attending seminars/conferences that while the themes were sometimes useful (quite often not at all), I have identified areas that many really need. And above all, it's confidence. It's not even just among teachers: I have practiced my techniques on students to give them self-belief for the exams and IT MAKES A HUGEEEEE DIFFERENCE! So the techniques I will share and the theory won't just help teachers but they can pass them onto their students too! 😊 

I am already anticipating comments like: Can't be taught, or what makes you qualified to do this? Bla bla bla! Well, my qualifications in this field, my success as a teacher, my techniques that work and are tried and tested (and it's not weird tarot card readings or star-sign crap; it's proven science!). I am also not one of those fake-breasted pumped-lipped wives of an oligarch who wants to give psychological advice like on Youtube just because she had some subjective success, once! No! I hate all of that crap. This is real proven science from academically recognized sources. 

And here we are finally! I have a professional team now who is helping construct a new breed of conferences where I shall be putting forward this theme with all the others I have done (lesson planning, teaching FCE/CAE etc) as well as many other themes we're working on because:


Stay tuned for our conferences!😊😊😊😊😊

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