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PUNCTUATION PACK: 9 textbooks + 6 useful sites to get some practice.

📚 1. University of Oxford "Style Guide"
⋆ Aims to provide a guide to writing and formatting documents written by staff on behalf of the University.

📚 2. Improve Your Punctuation and Grammar: 3rd edition. (by Marion Field)
⋆ Helps you to master the essentials of the English language and write with greater confidence. 

📚 3. Brushing Up: Improving your spelling, grammar, and punctuation!
⋆ Covers the basics of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 
⋆ Information, tips, and exercises.

📚 4. The Penguin Guide to Punctuation 
⋆ Whether you are puzzled by colons and semicolons, unsure of where commas should go or baffled by apostrophes, this jargon-free, succinct guide is for you.

📚 5. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: An Easy-to-Use Guide with Clear Rules, Real-World Examples, and Reproducible Quizzes 11th Edition.
⋆ Clear and concise, easy-to-follow, offering "just the facts".
⋆ Fully updated to reflect the latest rules in grammar and usage along with new quizzes.

📚 6. Webster's New World Punctuation: Simplified and Applied.
⋆ The practical, accessible guide to correct punctuation.

📚 7. Collins Easy Learning Grammar & Punctuation (in colour)
⋆ Clear, concise explanations on everything from adverbs to word order, and from apostrophes to semicolons.
⋆ Each grammatical and punctuation point is clearly described in a user-friendly format that combines explanations with examples from modern English.

📚 👶 8. Punctuation for kids. (by Ann Heinrichs) 
⋆ Exclamation points, periods, question marks, and commas for kids. 

📚 👶 9. Collins Primary Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (7+ years) 
⋆ Clear, easy-to-follow explanations and examples of how grammar works, what punctuation does, and how to spell correctly 
⋆ Each section – grammar, punctuation, and spelling – is laid out in an open, attractive design that guides you easily through the information provided. 

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