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● I am AFRAID OF snakes/flying 
● I am SCARED OF snakes/flying (or: snakes/flying SCARE(S) me) 
● I am FRIGHTENED OF snakes/flying (or: Snakes/flying FRIGHTEN(S) me) 
● I am TERRIFIED OF snakes/flying (or: snakes/flying TERRIFIES me) 
● I am PETRIFIED OF snakes/flying (or: snakes/flying PETRIFIES me) 

● I have a FEAR OF snakes/flying/heights/babushki 
● Horror movies aren't for the FAINT-HEARTED (people who easily get scared) 
● I like to MAKE PEOPLE JUMP (I quietly walk up behind them and scream so loudly) 
● The film It by Stephen King SENT A SHIVER DOWN MY SPINE (=scared me) 
● Snakes give me the creeps (=generally scared) 

▶ Slang variants: 
• I am scared shitless (=very scared) 
• Snakes scare the shit out of me (=very scared) 
• I am shit-scared of snakes (=very scared)

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