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I am going to address some points I have noticed over the past few months, to share with you and to make sure, as a team, we are on track! 


1) So many teachers these days love to attend seminars, many of which are useful, on teacher psychology, lesson planning, 101 classroom activities with a cheese sandwich etc. The list is endless. But when I have been interviewing many teachers over the past year as well as talking to those I teach, I have noticed one common problem: many do not spend time on improving their general language knowledge. I would say a good 90% of teachers between B2 and C2 could not explain to me, to my satisfaction, the principles of modality. Many could not explain simple vocab I gave them. As teachers, we must know what we teach and how to explain it. According to British research, student satisfaction was based on three points: Enthusiasm, fairness and knowledge of subject. If you just want to stay put in lower levels, that's your choice. If you want a big salary because of your expertise, you need to push yourself. Study vocab from various sources regularly, go through Mygrammarlab TWICE, regularly test yourself. Don't fall into that trap as a teacher thinking "I am C2, passed CPE, don't need to know the rules anymore!" When you teach, you need to know them all! Remember: First acquire skill. Creativity comes later! 

2) Maybe some of you like your old style textbooks. I have a few Russian books of English in my school (which someone gave me). To really go to the next stage, use genuine sources for your development. I'm not being harsh but many of these Russian textbooks are full of mistakes (which I have seen as well as official exam papers, fuu!) There may be the odd typo in our textbooks but the language is right. Be modern and keep up with the times. (I know that some state schools force you to use these books)

3) Do not check the usage of a word or language point using forums. I get so many friends writing to me saying: Carlos from a village in Brazil said "at the lesson" is fine! People just share mistakes and rely on what they think "sounds right" without using a verified source. Use real authentic English sources to check meaning, collocation, pronunciation etc.

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