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Many grammar books will list "Discourse Markers" without truly stating their exact usage especially regarding style and formality. Many students use "moreover" in their spoken English. But did you know.... 

... we natives rarely use it in our everyday speech 😨 

Yep! Moreover is more common in academic prose, though, but it's quite formal and less frequent than furthermore, as well as, in addition and of course the very common and more informal: on top of that (my favourite one) 👍 

But here's the sexy part.... Although the discourse markers moreover, in addition and furthermore seem to be interchangeable in many cases, moreover differs from the other two in that it tends to follow and support a previous negative evaluation: 
👉Domestos has been shown to contain harmful chemicals NOT suitable for human consumption. Moreover, Domestos mixed with Kvas and Kompot is known to be fatal. 

There is a lot more info regarding these connectors. But you'd have to come to my lessons for that))) 

But to sound more native, use more: furthermore, as well as that, in addition, on top of that etc ☝ You'd sound more awesome 😎

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