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Good morning my friends. When my students started making jokes at British scientists many years ago, I felt those jokes were slightly uncalled for. My older sister, for example, is close to finding a cure for arthritis at her institute in London (That's true by the way). Mind you, I did some casual internet surfing on articles related to recent scientific findings... I now understand the jokes...😢

For example (these are my own creation but you get the point):
- "Scientists in London at the University With Too Much Time On Its Hands have discovered that it takes 47 Mentos to choke a duck."
- "After 2 million pounds of government subsidies, scientists from the David Beckham Institute have concluded that eating 5 portions of fish and chips a day can lead to obesity and a reduced life span." 
- "A prominent British zoologist who spent 5 years studying behavioural patterns of lions has discovered that lions do in fact sleep a lot." 

💪But Britain isn't alone!!! Holland has jumped on the band wagon. From today's BBC: 🤢

"Researchers have found that how similar you are to your partner can affect your happiness!" (Really???😨😨😨)

"Among many monogamous species, from cockatiels to cichlid fish, studies have revealed a clear pattern: it helps to be more similar to your mate. When mating pairs are behaviourally similar, their reproductive success tends to be higher. 

In human terms, this would imply it’s better to be similar to your partner. Indeed, for a long time psychologists and others have argued that similarity is probably beneficial – after all, then we will be more likely to enjoy the same pursuits, values and outlook on life."

(The best line from the article):
"Generally speaking, individuals tended to be happier if they, and/or their partner, had more agreeable, more conscientious, less neurotic personalities." 
= we are usually happier when our partner is not a mental psychopath!

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