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Hi guys, I got hold of some useful sites for teachers where you can get advice on the teaching profession as a whole as well as useful resources. I've also included a link for Cambridge Assessment for many EFL courses at the bottom. On top of that, another link for those wanting to find jobs in teaching abroad.

👉🏻Blogs & Resources 

– This site contains the latest information about related government reform as well as useful links, resources, national strategies and guides. 
– An evolving start-up, originally founded in 2010 from a simple which give teachers a professional platform from which to be heard and provides access to resources that are meaningful for any classroom. 
– This site has a wealth of resources and also provides excellent career advice and knowledge on current affairs within the sector. 
– This site contains free lesson plans and worksheets for primary and secondary teachers. 
– Another useful site for resources. 



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