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🔑 A: There are 3 main reasons: 

1. You’ll get to learn real English…not textbook English.

2. You learn English words in context.

3. You hear how things are said.

Ready to try right now? ☝😉 Below you will find video clips, lesson plans, and worksheets to get enough real practice. 

 📺 The Great Gatsby (Drama, Romance)
Focused on — Sentences with I wish/if only. Listening practice with fill in the gaps activity and synonym match. 
This is the worksheet based on The Great Gatsby trailer. 

 📺 Ratatouille (Animation)
Focused on — Matching pictures with descriptions of main characters, then some lines with the same characters. Global listening comprehension and intensive listening. 
A (visual) listening activity with a movie trailer (Ratatouille). For Pre-Intermediate learners (teenagers or adults) and activities for the 3 phases (pre-listening, listening, post-listening). A full transcript of the video and pictures are also provided. 

 📺 Life After People (Documentary)
Focused on — practicing first conditional (with some changes one can adjust the trailer to practicing second conditional too). 
It's a worksheet that goes with the trailer to mini series called Life after People which present how the life will be if people just vanish from the surface of Earth. It also contains the topics to discuss. 

 📺 Orphan ( Horror, Mystery, Thriller) 
Focused on — Listening, speaking. 
This is a worksheet based on the Orphan trailer. It contains three parts: before watching, while watching, and after watching. 

 📺 The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Adventure, Drama, Fantasy)
Focused on — Past Continuous vs Past Simple, time expression “when”.
These worksheets (A & B — version) introduce the formation and use of past continuous. Past continuous is often used together with past simple (which can be confusing to students), so the exercises focus on the combination of these two past tenses. The exercises are mainly communicative.

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