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We spend years telling students, "Don't use will or would in the "IF" clause."

But actually ...

✅ Polite requests: here "will" = are willing to
● If you will sit down for a second, the doctor will examine you in a moment.

● If you will be so kind and give me your house, I'll be eternally grateful.

● If you would listen to me for just a second, my love, we might be able to escape this burning building. (would is more polite)

✅ Insisting on something: you MUST stress "will" here!
● "I'm fat, Paul!" - "Well, yeah, if you WILL constantly eat cakes all the time, no wonder you can't see your feet!"

● "Dad, my brother keeps kicking me!" - "Paul, if you WILL keep on bloody annoying him, I'm not surprised!"

✅ Results: we use WILL here to mean something will be a later result, not a condition of something:
● I'll lend you my car if it will make you happy! (being happy is the result of getting the car)

● Ok, we'll get married if it will make you feel better!

✅ If we are quite certain about something / if we know now that:
● If students WON'T come today, then I'll cancel the class.

● If John will land that dream job, McDonald's will be so lucky!

✅ And of course with Indirect Questions - I don't know if...
● I really have no idea if I'll come tonight.

● I really don't know if she'll marry me because I am so ugly.

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