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newborn (a newly born baby): all the newborns are kept in a special room away from their parents in some weird countries. 

offspring (the product of sex): Ah i am so proud of our offspring; 10 strong baby boys! Well done my love! Did it hurt by the way? 

infant (very young child; maybe up to 5 years old): We start learning in England in infant school which is the first 2 or 3 years of primary school. 

toddler (a young child usually at the stage of learning to walk and up to maybe 2 or 3 years old): When my daughter was a toddler, she was still strong enough wrestle with the cat. 

minor (this is the legal word for someone under the legal age of punishment): It is illegal to sell vodka to minors. 

kid (informal synonym of child): Ohhh i love teaching kids and that they stab me with scissors every lesson. Just adorable!!! 

juvenile (negative word for a child): Instead of going to prison, a young offender goes to a Juvenile Centre/I find Paul's behaviour a bit juvenile. 

youth (the time between childhood and maturity): I hate it how the youth hang around city parts drinking beer and smoking. I was never like that.:))) 

youngster (informal word for young kids): Go and help those youngsters out of the swimming pool... some babushki have just got in. Hurry!!! 

adolescent (early teenage years) : It is funny when going through adolescence. As an adolescent boy my voice changed from high to low. 

teenager (from 13 to 18): I was a terrible teenager: spotty, desperate to find girls, no fashion sense etc. 

mite (informal: nice word for a very young child): Oh your son is such a good little mite! 

tot (informal synonym of toddler): How are your two tots doing these days? 

little angel (nice for a young girl): I love you so much my little angel! Best daughter in the world! 

little darling (nice for young boy/girl): Oh you're such a little darling, i want to kissssssss youuuuuuuu! (little darling can also be sarcastic. When rich people spoil their children and the children have no discipline or respect, we call them sarcastically Little darlings: Oh look, i feel so sorry for Jane's little darlings only getting 1000 pounds pocket money a week) 

little one (very nice word for young child): Come here my little one. I have a surprise for you... Detskiy Mir...... 

chip off the old block (used to talk about a child who is very much like their parents): Mark just won the same sailboat race his father won twenty years ago; he's a chip off the old block. 

brat (negative word for an annoying child): I hate it when little brats run around the supermarkets with no parental control. 

squirt (a very annoying kid): Go away you little squirt and stop asking me for money! 

fellow (slang word for man or boy): I am so proud of you my little fellow. Well done on having 5 girlfriends already... this week! 

guy (slang word for a man or boy): Come here my little guy. You are so strong and handsome and you are only 5! 

lad (slang word for man or boy - very common): You are such a good lad for passing all your exams and on having 10 girlfriends already... this week! 

half-pint (slang for a very small child): Come here half-pint and sit on my lap. Daddy needs to explain where babies come from! 

sonny (said by an older person to a younger person): Listen to me sonny! You think you know everything but you still have a lot to learn. Now sit down and shut it! 

whippersnapper (a young person who annoys older people by being very confident and acting like someone important): I hate your whippersnapper of a son! You should teach him a lesson!!!

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