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FOR ALL IT'S WORTH, also FOR WHAT(EVER) IT'S WORTH (FWIW, Internet, text messaging) is used when you are giving someone a piece of information and aren't certain if that information is important. My two cents; FYI, etc.

"My idea—for all it's worth—is to offer them only $300." (even though it may not be important or valuable)

Meaning "you shouldn't overemphasize it, this is only my personal perspective on the matter", the phrase is used to soften the presentation of unsolicited advice or information that may not be relevant.

 "Here is my thinking, for whatever it's worth." (if it has any value)

The phrase emphasizes humility by prompting the reader to provide their judgment against the statement being made; it may be useful information, it may not be, or perhaps it differs in opinion from that of the recipients.

"For what it's worth, I think he may be right." (implies lack of confidence)

The phrase may have originally been used to qualify a statement of advice, opinion, or suggestion by referring to such a statement and describing it separately from making it.

"Ask her to give us her opinion, for what it's worth." (not sure if it might help)

Considering what limited worth this advice, opinion, or suggestion might have for you...

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