📕99 Fast ways to improve your English (with answer key)

Do you want to improve your English? Want to become fluent and correct your mistakes?

With 99 easy ways to improve your English pdf will find:

-Test your knowledge of the most common mistakes in English

-Greetings and Farewells

-The most commonly confused words in English

-Wrestling with grammar

-Misused and abused words

–Preposition power

-Article made easy.

You can also check your English with “diagnostic test”.

The diagnostic test is designed to help you identify specific problems you may have with how you use English.

After you answer the 99 questions, check your answers in the key.

How you do in each section will tell you where to look in the book to improve your specific problems. You may find some questions easy, but it is good to review the basic reasons behind them as well.

Even if you know the correct answer, it is important to be sure that you know WHY it is correct!

Good luck! You are on your way to correcting the most common errors made in English.

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