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Happy New Year, guys. I promised myself to have 10 days off but the needle up my backside (as you Russians say) won't allow me. So here's a nice post with some common idioms/expressions used in context:

With the first working day JUST AROUND THE CORNER, it's time to GET BACK INTO THE SWING OF THINGS. I've spent the last 10 days or so merely SITTING ON MY BACKSIDE and relentlessly STUFFING MY FACE with food that is likely to make me PILE ON THE POUNDS; maybe 'likely' is the wrong word - I have piled on the pounds. Anyway, as of Sunday when my classes commence, I know for a fact I'll have to COMBAT THE POST-HOLIDAY HANGOVER.

It's Monday and you've WOKEN UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN. You JUMP INTO THE SHOWER then WOLF DOWN YOUR BREAKFAST and GULP DOWN YOUR COFFEE as if THERE'S NO TOMORROW. You always like to be punctual, and considering you live in Moscow, the roads in the morning ARE BEST AVOIDED so you go by Metro instead. Even at 7am the Metro IS CHOCK-A-BLOCK with commuters PUSHING AND SHOVING which irritates the hell out of you.

Mind you, it's NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM. You get to CATCH UP WITH ALL THE LATEST GOSSIP with your colleagues that you haven't seen for a couple of weeks. But of course having a CASUAL CHINWAG has to BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM since there's work to be done. Working conscientiously again after a long break might seem tough at first but before you know it, you'll SETTLE RIGHT BACK IN as if you had NEVER EVEN LEFT THE PLACE. 

✅A Definitions
👉🏻 JUST AROUND THE CORNER = happening very soon
👉🏻 TO GET BACK INTO THE SWING OF THINGS = to get accustomed to smth again. Mainly used about work/tasks.
👉🏻 TO SIT ON ONE'S BACKSIDE = to be lazy
👉🏻 TO STUFF ONE'S FACE = to eat huge amounts like a pig
👉🏻 TO PILE ON THE POUNDS = to get fat
👉🏻 TO COMBAT THE POST-HOLIDAY HANGOVER = to fight the feeling of sadness that you have to back to work again

✅B Definitions
👉🏻 TO WAKE UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN = to get up really early
👉🏻 TO JUMP INTO THE SHOWER = to have a quick shower
👉🏻 TO WOLF DOWN FOOD = to eat smth really fast
👉🏻 TO GULP DOWN FOOD/DRINK = to eat/drink (usually drink) smth fast
👉🏻 as if THERE'S NO TOMORROW = you do smth so fast as if you believe tomorrow won't come
👉🏻 SMTH IS BEST AVOIDED = better not do it
👉🏻 CHOCK-A-BLOCK = really busy (often with traffic/transport)
👉🏻 PUSHING AND SHOVING = people pushing and using their elbows to move through a crowd

✅C Definitions
👉🏻 NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM = it's not all bad news
👉🏻 TO CATCH UP WITH ALL THE LATEST GOSSIP = you get filled in with all the latest gossip and news so you don't feel left behind
👉🏻 TO HAVE A (CASUAL) CHINWAG = to have an informal chat (your chin wags, like a dog's tail moving backwards and forwards, up and down to insinuate that you're talking a lot) 
👉🏻 TO KEEP SMTH TO A MINIMUM = don't do much of it. Very common: "Keep the noise, sound, music, screaming to a minimum"
👉🏻 TO SETTLE (RIGHT) BACK IN = to get accustomed to smth again that you maybe got out of practice with
👉🏻 TO HAVE NEVER EVEN LEFT THE PLACE = if smth is as if you had never even left the place, it's so usual for you that you don't feel you've ever been away

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