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SIC [sɪk] is the funny little word that lurks within brackets and stands beside spelling, grammar, logic, etc. errors to indicate meticulous accuracy in reproducing the original text.

"Maple Leaf College is well-known for it's [sic] high academic standards."

As an adverb, it is a Latin word that means 'thus' or 'just as'; in full: sic erat scriptum, 'thus was it written'. It means that the text was quoted verbatim, and the mistake it marks appears in the source.

"We all gon [sic] be dead in 100 Years." [Toronto Sun]

Misidentified as an acronym (and even misspelled s.i.c.), sic is said to stand for 'spelled in context', 'said in copy', 'spelling is correct', and many other such folk etymology phrases.These are all incorrect and are simply bacronyms from sic.

"The latest school jobs page advertises a 'wide range (sic) of 6th-form courses.'"

Sic is used to denote the error by placing it right after the mistake. If there are multiple errors in a sentence, sic can be placed at the end.

"Don't let nobody (sic) come in here."

Sic is usually found in brackets or parentheses. Being a loanword, it doesn't have to be italicized like most Latin terms should. That said, different institutions have different rules about it so it might be a good idea to check your style guide.

"The latest school jobs page advertises a 'wide range [sic] of 6th-form courses.'"

Sic isn't used to identify regional or archaic spellings or vocabulary.

"Queen Elizabeth wore a blue-coloured [sic] dress." (incorrect)
"The boy stopped for a drink at the bubbler (sic)." (incorrect)

Sic also shouldn't be overused, or used inappropriately e.g. when quoting casual comments on social media it would look like you ferret out every single mistake. Gotcha!

"He texted he 'could of (sic) be a fameous (sic) singer born (sic) in another time'. lol." (looks snobbish, amateurish, pedantic, nasty, etc)

On the whole, it is a handy device that captures the essence of a quotation while acknowledging an intentional error. When used properly, it ensures that the reader gets the intended meaning from a text to avoid any confusion.

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