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HUMOR SOMEONE means to comply with their wishes in order to keep them content, however unreasonable such wishes might be. Just give in to their demands to make them happy or make them stop complaining.

"Mom wants to go. We know she won't like it there but we'd better humor her." 

When you humor someone, you're listening to them talk about something mundane or somewhat not interesting to you, or you do what someone wants so that they do not become annoyed or upset. 
"I applied for the job just to humor my parents."

HUMOR ME is a polite request to someone to allow you to do something in which they have no interest, out of respect. "Let's treat what I'm doing as a personal whim; allow me to finish, and then you can have your say."

"I know you don't want to hear this but just humor me, okay?"

You use humor me, (or HUMOUR ME in BrE) when you're asking someone to do something for you just to keep you happy. "Keep me in a good mood. Don't argue with me about this, just do it."

"Please go along with my idea. Humor me. You never know, it might be fun."

It's used most often as an appeal, gentle and ironic, to an interlocutor who interrupts one's discourse. "Bear with me. Do as I say so that I'm happy. Allow me to do this thing, even though you think it's pointless."

A: "Can you please bring the table from the meeting room in here."
B: "We aren't supposed to move that table."
A: "Just humour me, will you?"

Humor me thus means indulge me—in the sense of gimme some slack or gimme a break, but less aggressive than these. "I know this seems crazy, but just let me finish, and you will understand why I am doing it."

"I know you don't believe my story, but humor me for a minute and imagine it to be true."

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