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Singular and plural is not as easy a concept as it might seem. In some cases, a compound subject consisting of two or more words that are closely related and joined by AND can be treated as singular. 

"My son and heir is the one who will rule this kingdom." 
"The restaurant's chef and owner makes good fajitas." 

A compound subject is more than one subject joined by a conjunction. Here, the parts of the compound subject refer to one person:

"This is my husband and best friend Bob." (her husband is also her best friend)

A compound subject requires a singular verb if both parts of the subject refer back to the same entity. Here, the parts of the compound subject refer to the same thing:

"The new bed and breakfast opens this week."
"Publication and critical acclaim is a goal for many writers."

This might sound weird at first, but you hear such things every day. Night work and weekend work is a requirement of a job not everyone might be willing to have. Peace and quiet is evidently a foreign concept to your new neighbors.

"Fish and chips is a popular dish in England." (a single dish)
"Peanut butter and jelly is available in the cafeteria." 

In these sentences, the two items combine to form a single unit—one dish—and this is the crux of the matter. Bread and butter makes a tasty snack. Liver and onions is a meal people either love or hate. 

"Ham and eggs is a popular breakfast dish." 
"Meat and potatoes was my grandfather’s favorite meal." 

As Merriam-Webster explains, "When the nouns form a collective idea or a oneness of idea, the singular verb is appropriate." Macaroni and cheese is a delicious meal. Two and two equals four, etc.

"Spaghetti and meatballs goes well with garlic bread." 
"Paper and pen comes in handy together."

Grits and sausage is a dish you may associate with your college roommate. Vinegar and oil is a popular salad dressing. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a good example of a single idea that comes with an AND.

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