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WAY TO GO! is a phrase used to express pleasure, approval, excitement, etc. or to encourage someone to continue the good work. Good job, guys! Way to go!

"Way to go, You just made everyone's day."

It is used, mostly in NAmE, to tell someone that they've done something well and you're proud of their achievement; pleased or impressed by what they've done.

"Way to go on reaching your charity goal of $100,000!"

When you've just scored a goal in soccer, for example, it makes your teammates jump up and down, slapping you and saying stuff like "Yeah!", "Woo-hoo!", "Way to go!".

"Way to go, Mary! Keep up the good work."

When used positively, it's absolutely bursting with enthusiasm and energy.

"Way to go class! Everyone passed the exam!"

It's also commonly used as a sarcastic phrase e.g. when someone has done something stupid.

"Way to go, John - you broke the chair!"

When someone is screwing everything up you may express your lack of admiration in some such phrase as, "Way to go, genius!"

"You dropped the ball on that one. Way to go, Einstein."

Whatever the tone that a person uses when using the idiom will define the exact meaning of the phrase.

A: "Hey girl I got a A+ on the test!" B: "ME TOO!" A: "Way to go us!"

A strong inflection can display an intense expression of praise, but if the tone is brooding the meaning is more sarcastic.

"Way to go, Kim! Now we'll have to start all over again."

The way to go is a route, course of action; a preferred decision or choice. "That's the way to go" means "This is how it should be done."

"They're about the same quality, so if you can get a discount on the color you like, that would be the way to go."

The origin of the idiom seems to have come from the sports world as an exclamation of approval addressed to athletes performing well. It moved from the sporting realm into more common usage sometime in the 60s and has found a strong following in modern pop culture.

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