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WEAK SAUCE or WEAKSAUCE (US inf.) means weak, mediocre, pathetic, sub-par, insignificant, inferior, ineffective, inadequate, unimpressive, undesirable, uncool etc. Another way of saying that something sucks.

A: "Man, this game blows." B: "Yeah, it's weak sauce!"
A: "Did you see Jake's pink shirt?" B: "That rag is total weaksauce!"

It is typically used to describe an event or object that fails to fully accomplish its purpose and is disappointing; not worth one's time or effort.

"Dude, that movie was so weaksauce."
"That gig was weak sauce, I can't believe I paid to see it."

It can also be used to comment on a disappointing situation.

A: "His wife left him, he crashed his car and ended up in jail." B: "Weak sauce."

It could literally refer to a type of sauce — mild or lacking in flavor; attempting to be like the other hot sauces, but not living up to one's expectations, etc.

"Abuela always said a weak sauce is like a weak man—no good for a strong woman." ['The Butterfly's Daughter' by Mary Alice Monroe, 2011]

In the beginning (as far back as the '80s), there was weak sauce. Laid back California dudes and college jocks alike wielded it in judgment of the uninspiring.

"Their last album is weak sauce."

It hovered between a noun phrase and an adjective before becoming a single concept and an unambiguous adjective—you could say things like 'that is so weaksauce' but not 'that is such weak sauce.'

"My tolerance for weak sauce is currently at a minimum."

Once sauce had wandered over to another word, there was nothing to stop it from continuing to mix it up all over the place, becoming a new kind of suffix. The following decade brought us 'lamesauce, crazysauce, wacksauce, dopesauce, awkward-sauce, etc.

"The ladies' awesomesauce weekend in Vegas ended prematurely."

After a point, '-sauce' didn't even need to be attached to an adjective anymore. Scattered through the internet are the likes of 'failsauce, winsauce, nerdsauce, WTFsauce, etc'.

"His jokes are mostly weak sauce."

In fact, the more 'memey' the expression, the better it seems to fit. According to the implicit rules of 'sauce' affixation, 'carpe diem sauce' sounds weird, but 'YOLOsauce' sounds about right.

"These YouTube people are making weak sauce videos and want to get paid."

A party can be described simply as awesomesauce, but it can also be 'covered in awesomesauce.' A movie can be lamesauce, but it can also be 'marinated in lamesauce.'

"We thought Laura was a weak sauce till she won the promotion over all of us."

The saucy aspects of the '-sauce' suffix can be reactivated at will by the creative user. Just another awesomesauce example of the way we like to add a little flavor to our language.

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