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Here are TEN rarely used adjectives I would like to hear students using at higher levels when talking about someone's character: 

✅LEVEL-HEADED (calm and sensible) 

👉🏻 My Scottish cousin, Sir Haggis McHaggis, runs a successful toilet cleaning company mainly because of his level-headed approach to business. 

✅UNFLAPPABLE (having or showing calmness in a crisis.) 

👉🏻 We all face obstacles throughout our lives and yet many lose control. Peter, however, is always unflappable in the face of adversity like when he was being swallowed by that cobra! Correction, Peter was unflappable.

✅HIGHLY STRUNG (nervous and easily upset) 

👉🏻 Our boss is highly strung so don't take it personally if he moans at you. He's rather volatile, jumpy I would say. 

✅FLAMBOYANT (attracting attention because of confidence, and stylishness but often tasteless) 

👉🏻 After graduating from cookery school, Sarah became a flamboyant chef: all theatrics and bluster and yet couldn't really serve a dish without her customers needing Pampers. 

✅CONDESCENDING (showing an attitude of patronizing superiority) 

👉🏻 I hate condescending teachers who say to their students: You're just 16, what the hell do you know about life? (Spoken by a teacher in their mid 40s, lonely, still living with their mum) 

✅PETULANT (behavior that is irritable in an unreasonable childish way) 

👉🏻 Oh my dear husband, would you give it a rest and stop behaving like a petulant child? You scream every time I turn off the Xbox! 

✅RESOLUTE (very determined esp when having courage) 

👉🏻 I so admired Gandalf's resolute "You shall not pass!" before be plunged into a never-ending abyss! Hahaha! 

✅SELF-RIGHTEOUS (right in their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour and that other people are wrong) 

👉🏻 I want a clean world to live in especially with the oceans free of plastics but would all those self-righteous eco-warriors stop telling me I'm not doing enough while they sit around preaching morals and smoking weed all day! 

✅BOISTEROUS (noisy, energetic and cheerful, can be unruly) 

👉🏻 The crowd at yesterday's comedy event were rather boisterous. Yeah, they were lively, responded well but not when they threw their chairs at me! 

✅GULLIBLE (naive and easily deceived or tricked) 

👉🏻 - Oh John, did you know that the word gullible doesn't appear in any dictionary? - What? Really? I am shocked! - You gullible moron! Of course it does! 
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