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APPRECIATE: a word English learners don't use enough

✅ To be grateful for something: 

- I really appreciate the effort you made trying to explain correct grammar to "special" people. 
- I appreciate having a second chance in life. 

✅ To realize that someone has good qualities and that they are important: 

- Many teachers feel that they aren't appreciated by parents. 
- Don't give that tramp 100 Rubles. He'd never appreciate it! 

✅ Would appreciate if (2nd conditional) to politely ask someone to do something: 

- I would really appreciate it if you didn't smoke here. 

- We'd appreciate it if you shut up (we can use 'would' in the IF part of the sentence here: makes it even politer - we'd appreciate it if you'd shut up) 

✅ To understand the true nature of a situation, and realize why it is important or serious: 

- I began to appreciate the difficulties Paul faced yesterday. 

✅ Appreciate how/why/what etc: 
- Doctors are only now beginning to appreciate how lethal Smecta can be!. 

✅ Appreciate that: 

- We appreciate that you cannot make a decision immediately. 

✅ Fully appreciate: 

- I don’t believe students fully appreciate the importance of doing homework. 

✅ To increase in value (financial English. Antonym: 

- The ​value of ​our ​house has appreciated by 50 ​percent in the last two ​years.

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