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Going to the Movies - 10 useful phrases and expressions

Tear Jerker

This is a movie that is made to be sad and to make the audience cry. The movie is usually about a person losing a loved one.

• Example - “My wife likes to see movies that are tear jerkers, but I prefer action movies.”

Chick flick

A movie is called a “chick flick” if it appeals to mostly women. These movies are usually about romance or the empowerment of women. Most men try to stay away from these movies.

• Example - “Sam’s girlfriend made him go to a chick flick.”

Blood and gore movie

This phrase is used to describe a horror movie that shows a lot of violence and death. The point of the movie is to scare you by showing the murders up close.

• Example - “I won’t let my daughters watch blood and gore movies. They are too scary.”

A box office flop

This term describes a movie that does poorly in the theatres. Not many people turn out to see it and it usually loses money for the production company.

• Example - “This movie is horrible. It is sure to be a box office flop.”

B Movie

A “B movie” is one that is made on a low budget and doesn’t have famous actors.

• Example - “My friend has all of these unheard of B movies that he shows his guests.”

Oscar-winning actor

The “Oscar’s” are awards handed out to the best actors and directors, among other movie industry professionals, in a ceremony each year. These awards are considered the most prestigious awards in the industry.

• Example - “This movie has Morgan Freeman. He is an Oscar-winning actor.”


This is a term that describes the elite actors in Hollywood. These are the select few that earn multimillions for doing a movie. A few examples of actors on the “A list” are Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Jennifer Aniston.

• Example - “Tom Cruise is an A-lister. He is in some huge movies.”

All-Star Cast

A movie is said to have an “all-star cast” when there are more than two or three big name actors in it. A couple of huge movies that boast an all-star cast are Ocean’s 11 and “JFK”.

• Example - “With an all-star cast like that the movie has to be good! All three of those actors are huge names.”

Hollywood Mogul

This is a business person in Hollywood who is powerful and successful in the movie industry. This person is involved with the process of determining which movies get made and when.

• Example - “He was a rich Hollywood mogul that everyone knew and respected. He lived in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.”


A “matinee” is a movie shown in a theatre before 5:00 PM. The price is reduced since there are not usually a lot of people going to the movies during the day.

• Example - “When I have a day off of work I’ll go see a matinee show in town.”
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