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DILLY-DALLY (verb: to waste time through aimless wandering or indecision)

- Students, don't dilly-dally outside! Your exam starts in 20 seconds!

- We just spend two hours dillydallying... and thus we failed the exam!

❗ Forms: Dillydally, dillydallying, dillydallied

DAWDLE (verb: waste time by being slow and it annoys people)

- John, stop dawdling and phone an ambulance as you have about a pint of blood left approx!

- Can we stop dawdling and head down the (to the) pub now?

TEENY TINY/WEENY (adj: extremely small. Often used with kids)

- I made a teeny tiny/weeny mistake.... do you remember your cat....?

- Oh how adorable! Look! I have such a teeny tiny/weeny portion of chips on my plate... as usual! I count seven! Ah Russian restaurants!

ICKLE (adj: very small. A sweet word used with children)

- Ohhh look at these baby Reebok shoes! So ickle! And only 7000 Rubles!

- Your son is so ickle and sweet considering he's 26.

WEE BIT (adj: very small. 'Wee' comes from Scottish for small)

- I'm a wee bit confused if I'm honest! (little bit)

- Yeah, you're just a wee bit off. Berlin is the capital of Germany and not Bangladesh. But close enough, my love!

- "Would you like some vodka with your porridge?"

- "Sure, just a wee bit."

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