10 Commonly-used Idiomatic Expressions with MIND.

At the back of your mind
Meaning - Something that you are not thinking about right now but is in your thoughts.

Example - At the back of my mind is the fear of failing the test.

Be in two minds
Meaning - Be undecided.

Example - I'm in two minds about what to do.

Bear/keep in mind
Meaning - Remember

Example - Bear in mind that no food will be served on board.

Bring to mind
Meaning - Recall something

Example - Fish and chip shops bring to mind my holidays in Britain.

Broadens the mind
Meaning - Helps you understand more about different subjects, people, ideas and places.

Example - Travelling broadens the mind.

Change your mind
Meaning - Change your decision

Example - I was going to go sailing but I changed my mind when I saw the weather.

Cross your mind
Meaning - Come into your thoughts as a possibility

Example — It crossed my mind that the child might be hungry.

Get something or somebody out of your mind
Meaning - Stop thinking about someone or something

Example - No matter how hard I try I can't get the accident out of my mind.

Give someone a piece of your mind
Meaning - Express your disapproval in a firm or angry manner.

Example - I'm going to give those kids a piece of my mind about the noise they're making.

Go out of your mind
Example - Go crazy or be insane

Meaning - You're going to walk across the desert? Have you gone out of your mind?

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