10 Phrasal Verbs to Help You With Technology - part I.

1. hook up

Meaning - to connect wires from machines to a power source or other machines

Example - Would you please help me hook up the Internet cable?

● 2. power up / turn on

Meaning - provide power to a machine

Example - Press the red button to power up your tablet.

● 3. boot up / start up

Meaning - begin running a computer system

Example - Wait a second, my computer is booting up.

● 4. set up

v. to install a new computer program or assemble a computer system

n. the process of adding information using a computer program

Example - This application took a long time to set up.

● 5. pull down / pulldown

v. choose from a menu of options in a computer application extending down from the action bar like a window blind

n. a menu of options

Meaning - Look for the file menu and pull down to “Save As…”

● 6. back up / backup

v. make an extra copy of a file

n. an extra copy of a file

Example - Be sure you back up your files before you change systems.

● 7. hack into

Meaning - enter a computer or network illegally

Example - Someone hacked into my bank and stole millions of dollars.

● 8. go down

Meaning - stop operating properly

Example - I cannot send any emails because the server went down.

● 9. wipe out

Meaning - completely erase or delete files

Example - Before you donate your computer, be sure you wipe out the hard drive.

● 10. plug in / plug-in

v. insert a cord into an outlet or port

n. an addition to a software program that performs a certain task

Example - Plug in your laptop over there.

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