10 Phrasal Verbs to Help You With Technology - part II

● 1. key in
Meaning - type or enter characters using a keyboard

Example - It takes too much time to key in that long password.

&● 2. opt in / out
Meaning - choose to receive advertising or messages

Example - The company asked me to opt in to get special offers by email.

&● 3. filter out
Mening - remove unwanted email messages

Example - Can we filter out all the spam on this account?

&● 4. turn off / shut down / power down
Meaning - end a session on the computer by closing an application or removing power

Example - I’m tired, so I’m going to shut down the computer for today.

&● 5. go online / go offline
Meaning - to use the Internet / not use the Internet

Example - I will send you that information as soon as I can go online.

&● 6. pop up / popup
v. to appear suddenly

n. an advertisement that appears suddenly on a computer screen

Example - If you do not want to see the ads, turn on your pop up blocker.

&● 7. print out / printout
v. send an electronic document to a printer

n. a printed document

Example - I have to print out the directions before I leave home.

&● 8. run out of
Meaning - exhaust a supply of something

Example - You will run out of disk space if you save copies of all your emails.

&● 9. click on
Meaning - move a mouse over an item and press to select

Example - Click on the start menu to begin.

&● 10. log in / sign in / sign-in
v. connect to a computer using a username and password

n. page or act of registering permission to use a program

Example - To begin, log in to your desktop system.

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