✔ READ OVER - to check for accuracy. 
- Always read over your work to ensure there are no grammatikalor spelllling mesteakes. 

✔ READ THROUGH - to check something for accuracy/it's content by reading all of it. 
- I read through the script for our theatre performance and I can say with my hand on my heart that it is terrible. 

✔ READ OVER gives the idea of "gist". 
- He read over the contract carefully.

✔ JOT DOWN - to quickly make some notes. 
- So, if all female students would like to jot down my phone number on a piece of paper, I might be able to help you personally with the homework assignments. 

✔ HAND IN - to give something to a person in authority. 
- I want you to hand in the essay on the History of Mongolian Basket Weaving between 1841 and 1842 by Friday! 

✔ SAIL THROUGH - to pass easily. (informal) 
- I sailed through the exam... even without needing to cheat! 

✔ SCRAPE THROUGH - to barely pass. (informal) 
- I scraped through the test. I got 61% when the pass mark was 60%. Lucky malchik I am! 

✔ PUT THROUGH - to pay for/subsidize. 
- My dad put me through university. He paid for my course but only gave me 5 quid a week for food 

✔ COUNT TOWARDS - to be a part of what is needed to complete something. 
- In English universities, the first year never counts towards your final mark. 

✔ MARK DOWN - to receive a lower mark. 
- Although I wrote an amazing essay, I was marked down because of bad punctuation!!!...!!??"!!!

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