3 English Idioms with Common Prepositions

✔ Up in the air
If someone tells you that things are up in the air, it means that these things are uncertain or unsure. Definite plans have not been made yet. 
- Jen, have you set a date for your party yet?
- Not exactly, things are up in the air and we’re not sure if everyone can make it on the day we wanted.

✔ On the ball 
If you’re on the ball it means that you’re very quick to understand certain things, very prepared for something or react quickly (and correctly) to a situation. 
- Wow, you’ve already finished your assignments? They aren’t due until next week, you’re really on the ball. I wish I could be more organized.

✔ Get over something 
Imagine having a really difficult time, like failing exams — it’s hard. But eventually once time passes and you no longer think about your marks, it means that you’ve gotten over the situation, you no longer worry about it and it no longer affects you in a negative way. 
It’s also possible to get over an illness, which would mean that you’ve fully recovered. 

- How’s Ann? Has she got over the situation with her exam results yet?” 
- I think so. She’s already talking about trying again next year.

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