Achtung! This word is rude. Be careful how you use it!
The basic meaning = to go to the toilet.

✅ To be/get pissed = to be drunk (In US English: to be angry) 
- Oh, let's get pissed tonight on vodka. I had a hard week so I want to be so pissed. 

✅ To take A piss = to go to the toilet 
- Stop the car for a minute, I need to take a piss. 

✅ To take THE piss
a) To take THE piss = to make fun of, to tease 
- Stop calling me "lissi gastarbeiter" Why are you always taking the piss out of me? 
b) to take THE piss = to show shock, disagreement, joking 
- You want me to walk from Moscow to Vladivostok? Are you taking the piss??? (=you must be joking) 
- (Also: a piss-take: making us work for 48 hours without a break... what a piss-take that was!) 

✅ To be pissed off = to be angry, frustrated 
- My flight was cancelled and I'll miss my holiday in Siberia. I am so pissed off right now. 

✅ To piss someone off = to annoy someone 
- I suggest you shut it because you are really beginning to piss me off! 

✅ To piss yourself/the bed = to go to the toilet in 
- I stopped pissing the bed when I was 5 but continued to piss myself until 23. 

✅ To piss yourself laughing = to laugh so much 
- I always piss myself laughing when I read online jokes 

✅ A piss-up = a drinking session with friends in a bar 
- We had a good old piss-up last night in town. Met some girls... who were later men. Bloody Thailand! 
Expression: he couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery = that someone is so badly organized that they couldn't even organize a drinking session in a place where alcohol is produced) 

✅ To go on a piss-up = to go and get drunk 
- When exams have finished, let's go on a piss-up to celebrate... in Thailand 

✅ To piss something away = to waste 
- Stop sitting in front of the TV and playing games. You are 50 and have pissed most of your life away already. 

✅ To piss into the wind = to do something futile, pointless 
- Why do you hope to marry Claudia Schiffer? You are homeless. Do you like pissing into the wind? 

✅ Piss off! = like f*** off but not as bad 
- Paul, can you teach me for free? Me: You can piss off! 

✅ A piece of piss = very easy (a ruder version of a piece of cake) 
- Wow, that exam was a piece of piss. God bless the British school system! 

✅ To be piss poor 
a) To be piss poor = to have absolutely no money 
- I can't come to the bar tonight. I am piss poor right now.
b) To be piss poor = terrible attempt 
- That landing by the pilot was piss poor! Half the plane is in that field over there! 

✅ To piss on someone = to not care, pay attention 
- Oh, piss on John. Who cares what he says about you!!! 

✅ To piss on something = to do something very easily 
- How did the exam go? Me: I pissed on it! 

✅ To piss down (with rain) = to rain heavily ("with rain" is optional) 
- We can't go outside because it's pissing down (with rain) 

✅ To piss something up = to ruin something (softer than f*** smth up) 
- Why did you add cream into my soup? I have spent hours cooking that and now you've gone and pissed it up! 

✅ To be out on the piss = to be out drinking 
- Sorry but Her Majesty isn't here right now. She's out on the piss. Call back later. 

✅ To piss around/about = to act, behave in a silly way, to fool, lie 
- Kids, stop pissing about and do your work in silence! 
- Look, I really love you so I hope you aren't pissing around with me! 

✅ To be piss-proud = to have false pride about something 
- John got 10% in his exam so I have no idea why he's piss-proud. 

✅ To piss on someone's parade = to destroy another person's dream or happiness.
- Sorry to piss on your parade but you know that Sarah doesn't love you? She hates you with passion so I doubt she will marry you. 

✅ A piss head = an alcoholic 
- My mate used to be such a piss head but now he's a crack head instead. 

✅ Don't have a pot to piss in = to be very poor, to have nothing 
- How can I give money to charity? I don't have a pot to piss in because of this bloody crisis! 

✅ To piss like a racehorse = to urinate excessively 
- After drinking 3 pints I start pissing like a racehorse every 5 minutes! 

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