Useful words and expressions when travelling by metro

➡ Politeness:

● To offer someone a seat 
● To stand up for someone 
● To give up your seat for someone 


● To get squashed by the doors 
● To get crushed by the doors (more painful) 
● To push someone 
● To barge someone (out of the way) (this is a lot more aggressive usually using the shoulder) 
● To push through the crowd 
● To let people on/off 


● To hold onto the handrail 
● To fall on someone 
● To step on someone's toes 
● To elbow someone 
● To get elbowed by someone 
● To miss your stop 
● To have the rucksack of a clueless young man who has forgotten he has a rucksack on pressed up agsinst you. 
● To get pushed and shouted at by a babushka


● To move up (to make space for someone to sit down - not so polite) 
● To budge up (same as before but more informal; among friends) 
● To invade one's personal space. 
● To take up too much space (when someone occupies two places instead of one)

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